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Mr. Sun Specialties

Mr. Sun Specialties includes a wide selection of our signature drinks. 

Mr. Sun Green Tea
w/ Non-Alcoholic Beer
Mr. Sun Strawberry
w/ Strawberry Boba
Mr. Sun Mango
w/ Mango Boba
Grapefruit Mojito Green Tea
Grapefruit Mojito
Green Tea
Passion Fruit Green
Tea w/ Boba &
Coconut Jelly
Pineapple Green Tea
w/ Basil Seed
Mango Green Tea w/Crystal Ball & Mango Boba
Mango Green Tea 
w/Crystal Ball &
Mango Boba
Taro Fresh Milk with Boba.png
Taro Fresh Milk
Handcrafted Boba

Handcrafted Boba

Handcrafted Boba series includes a variety of boba milk teas. The milk tea is black tea based. All the bobas are handcrafted at the store which are low in calories and don't contain any preservatives. Brown sugar boba, mango boab, and strawberry boba are available on a daily basis. Other weekend special bobas include but not limited to peach boba, rose boba, sesame boba, blueberry boba, cinnamon boba, chocolate boba, and kiwi boba.  Please follow our instagram page for update about the specific flavor boba available 

on each weekend.

Brown Sugar Boba
Milk Tea
Strawberry Boba
Milk Tea
Mango Boba
Milk Tea
Rainbow Boba Milk Tea
w/ 3 Flavors of Bobas
QQ Milk Tea
w/ Coconut & Boba
Panda Milk Tea
w/ Crystal Ball & Boba
Three Brothers Milk Tea
Chewy Chewy

Chewy Chewy

Chewy Chewy series includes a variety of milk teas paired with crystal ball, coconut jelly, pudding, jelly, red bean, etc.

Caramel Pudding
Milk Tea
Red Bean Oatmeal
Milk Tea
Coffee Jelly Milk Tea
Grass Jelly Milk Tea
Coconut Jelly Milk Tea
Crystal Ball Milk Tea
Milk Foam Series

Milk Foam Series

Milk Foam series includes a variety of fresh teas with Milk Foam.

Sweet Cloud Milk
Foam w/ Green Tea
or Black Tea
Cheese Milk Foam
w/ Oolong Tea
Strawberry Cheese
Milk Foam
w/ Oolong Tea
Peach Sweet Cloud
Milk Foam
w/ Green Tea
mango_cheese_milk_foam-removebg-preview (1).png
Mango Cheese
Milk Foam
w/ Green Tea
Milk Tea

Milk Tea

At Mr. Sun, customers have the flexibility to choose three different milk teas which are based on three different tea types: black tea, green tea, and oolong tea. 
Black tea is made from organic top grade Earl Grey Tea leaves.
The Green tea is a special grade green tea which is based on Taiwan green tea and jasmine tea. The tea presents a beautiful emerald green with a very strong jasmine aroma. 
The Oolong tea is specially baked with a mix of fresh osmanthus and top grade Baozhong tea leaves in Alishan, Taiwan.
Angel Caramel Milk Tea 
Royal Earl Grey Milk Tea 
Jasmine Green Milk Tea

Osmanthus Oolong Milk Tea
Tea Latte

Tea Latte (Fresh Milk)

Rose Black Tea Latte
Royal Earl Grey
Tea Latte
Chocolate Coca Latte
uji_matcha_green_tea_latte-removebg-preview (1).png
Uji Matcha Green
Tea latte
Osmanthus Oolong
Tea Latte

Smoothies / Slushes

Mango Smoothie
Cafe Caramel Smoothie
Strawberry Smoothie
Honey Kiwi Smoothie
Peach Smoothie
matcha_smoothie-removebg-preview (1).png
Matcha Red
Bean Smoothie
Fresh Tea

Fresh Tea

Jasmine Green Tea
Honey Jasmine Green Tea
Peach Jasmine
Green Tea
Royal Earl Grey Black Tea
Alishan Osmanthus Oolong Tea
Passion Fruit Green Tea
Pineapple Black Tea
Black Tea Lemonade
w/Whole Lemon
Mango Green Tea
Cozy Cozy Hot

Cozy Cozy Hot

Jujube Longan                                               

Ginger Tea w/ Brown Sugar

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