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  Advantages of Mr. Sun   

Article 1 - Expatriate Chief Operations Managers Sent to Strengthen Operational Performance

Mr. Sun has accumulated many years of practical experience. We send highly experienced chief operations managers to each region to supervise and assist our Partners in strengthening their business skills, developing new menus, and improving operational performance.

Article 2 - Assistance in Establishing Business Plans and Employee Training Programs

We pass on Headquarters’ experiences and training programs completely. As our global operations grow rapidly, we provide a complete SOP and comprehensive, rigorous training programs for employees of all levels.

Article 3 - Marketing Strategy Consultation

We recommend different market strategies for each region in accordance with its market and culture. Local resources are integrated for cross-industry cooperation and complemented with global marketing strategies to strengthen our brand awareness. We also assist each store to implement various marketing strategies to increase repurchase rate and gain new customer support.

Article 4 - Global Sourcing of High-Quality Ingredients

We look for good-quality ingredients globally and sign annual contracts to ensure a stable supply. We keep a strict control for our global Partners on the quality, quantity, and the price of our ingredients.

Article 5 - Develop New Menu According to Local Demand

With the guide of our professional development team, we continue to develop new menu while taking into account the local region’s ingredients, seasonal difference, taste preferences, and different marketing activities. In addition, we voluntarily send our ingredients for food safety inspections to ensure our quality and reputation.

Article 6 - Market Expansion Training and Consultation

Our professional development team can assist our Partners in introduction to sales channels, negotiation for site selection, and estimation of foot traffic and return on investment, so that they can open their shops on schedule and reach their target revenue.

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