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Our story

Mr. Sun is a Boba Tea store that originates from Taiwan's "Red Sun Tea Group" that was established in 1999. We are best known for our unique, innovative tea drinks with fresh handcrafted tapioca (boba), which has no chemical additives and replaces the unhealthy traditional boba.  We are also the first to introduce drinks such as “Heineken Green Tea," “Mr. Sun Special," and “Cheese Milk Foam Oolong Tea." Our brand represents the good-quality tea and the most creative, professional tea brand in Taiwan.

Drinks made right

Mr. Sun's diverse-flavored bobas are made with all kinds of fresh, healthy low-calorie fruits. Unlike traditional bobas, Mr. Sun's bobas are freshly made in-house everyday with no chemical or artificial additives added. We ensure fresh ingredients and transparency.

Customer Favorites

Mr. Sun Special
Mango Green Tea w_Crystal Ball & Mango Boba

Mango Green Tea
w/ Crystal Ball & Mango Boba

Mr. Sun Special
w/ Strawberry Boba

Mr. Sun Green Tea
w/ Non-alcoholic Heineken Beer


Passion Fruit Green Tea
w/ Boba & Coconut Jelly


Pineapple Green Tea
w/ Basil Seed

Grapefruit Mojito Green Tea

Grapefruit Mojito
Green Tea

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